Funding Sources in USA for Independent Filmmakers  and Other Artists

1. Start looking for funds at the local level  County or city arts and humanities council or commission Funding Sources in Each State of the US

2. The next step of funding is the state Arts Council and State Humanities Commission Funding Sources in Each State of the US

3. Your state belongs to one of the following regional arts organizations: 

Arts Midwest Mid Atlantic Arts FoundationSouthern Arts Federation
Mid-America Arts AllianceNew England Foundation for the ArtsWestern States Arts Federation

4 There are two powerful endowments at the national level: National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities.   

5. There are organizations and foundations around the country that fund independent filmmakers and other artistsFoundations, Grants, and Fellowships

6. Fiscal SponsorshipSome organizations and foundations require filmmakers to get fiscal sponsorship in order to get funds from them.

Center for Independent DocumentaryInternational Documentary Association
Filmmakers CollaborativeWomen Make Movies

7. Many Associations, organizations, equipment companies, and educational institutions that offer funds for film projects – Foundations, Grants, and Fellowships

8. CrowdfundingSeed&Spark

Fund Sources in Other Countries